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Thursday, November 29, 2018

News from the SVGM

Indoor market hours 2-5pm
Hello everyone!~~~

With Thanksgiving come and gone~ and its weekend full of all kinds of shopping~ we now begin to pick up that speed that signals the holiday rush. Our energies fight the shortening daylight hours as we try to remain active and cheerful during this lively time of gathering and giving, and with the added stress of winter's cold coming on, it's doubly important to keep ourselves well-fed and well-nourished.

The SVGM Indoor Market can help you stay healthy: their nourishing, locally produced foods can provide the perfect bases for long-cooked stews and soups and casseroles. Beef and pork, poultry and cheeses, fresh eggs and breads~~~ the best that the Valley has to offer for those one-pot meals that can feed you for days on end!  And they always taste better the second and third days anyway~~~

So keep us on your Friday calendars to keep up your energy; we're here for the duration.

As we mentioned last week, Meesh Tarsa, of Tarsa Family Farm, is organizing a major fundraiser for the Congregation Beth El synagogue of Sunbury,~~~ their first annual movie and wine tasting, to be held at the Campus Theatre in Lewisburg this Sunday, December 2, 2018. Meesh will be doing most of the cooking for this event, a gorgeous looking tasting menu made with foods sourced from our own SVGM vendors, as well as other surrounding local businesses.  You can find all the information on this cool-sounding event in the link that follows; some are having problems linking through on their phones, and I apologize for the elementary technology snafu, so you'll also find Meesh's phone number if you'd like/need to get hold of her for any more information~~~
Meesh Tarsa #717-269-9640


Also, Beaver Run Farm will not be at market these next two Fridays, November 1 & December 7. Steve and Becky will be visiting their family in California; we wish them some beautiful sunny days out there! Steve will be back to market Friday, December 14.

A remember that our winter hours are slightly abbreviated so that market ends at 5pm; but we'll be there every Friday until next May. We'll see you tomorrow!

This week at market:
Stone Meadow Farm:

Artisan cheeses; grass-fed beef, veal
Cow-a-Hen Farm:
Beef, Pork and Poultry; fresh turkey parts
Beaver Run Farms: Returning to market Friday, Dec.14
Pork, specialty cuts and products
Punako Lane Artisan Hearth:
Breads, biscotti, cookies, granola, specialty baked goods, eggs
Lorson's Mushrooms: every first and third Friday
Specialty mushrooms, including oyster and cremini

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